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Antimicrobial efficacy of calcium hypochlorite in endodontics-A systematic review of invitro studies [Turk Endod J]
Turk Endod J. Ahead of Print: TEJ-41736 | DOI: 10.14744/TEJ.2021.41736

Antimicrobial efficacy of calcium hypochlorite in endodontics-A systematic review of invitro studies

Reshma Rajasekhar1, Sooraj Soman2, Varsha Maria Sebastian1
1Department Of Conservative Dentistry And Endodontics, Mes Dental College, Perinthalmanna
2Department Of Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery, Mes Dental College, Perinthalmanna

Introduction: This systematic review analyses the antimicrobial effectiveness of calcium hypochlorite (Ca(OCl)2) with other disinfection strategies used in endodontics.
Methods: Invitro studies on human teeth were included and studies conducted invivo, in animals, review articles, in bovine teeth, artificial or immature teeth were excluded. A search on PubMed, SCOPUS, Trip, ScienceDirect, Wiley online library until June 2021 published in English language and additional manual searching using references from eligible studies performed. Articles were transferred to reference management software from which title and abstracts screening done. Full text retrieval of selected articles and data extraction done using Microsoft excel. Risk of bias assessment performed using methods adapted from previous systematic reviews on invitro studies.
Results: 11 articles were included in the study and demonstrated a high to moderate overall quality.10 studies showed moderate risk of bias whereas 1 study has a low risk of bias. Based on the available evidence, Ca(OCl)2 demonstrated good antimicrobial efficacy which is comparable to the efficiency of sodium hypochlorite as irrigant
Conclusion: Ca(OCl)2 has potential to be used as an irrigant in endodontics and its potency depends on its concentration, duration of action which needs further analysis.
Registration: Open Science Framework (10.17605/OSF.IO/KVYN5)
Funding: Nil

Keywords: Calcium hypochlorite, Root canal treatment, Sodium hypochlorite, Systematic review

Corresponding Author: Reshma Rajasekhar, India
Manuscript Language: English
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