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Turkish Endodontic Journal (TEJ) is a scientific, double-blind peer-reviewed, online, open access and official academic journal of Turkish Endodontic Society (E-ISSN 2459-17269). The journal publishes the content in English, and article evaluation and publishing processes are free of charge. The journal is published three times annually (May, August and December). Conferences and abstracts presented in the biennial International Congress of the Turkish Endodontic Society are also published as a special issue.

Turkish Endodontic Journal (TEJ) - Turk Endod J: 8 (2)
Volume: 8  Issue: 2 - 2023
1.Do variations in the concentrations of EDTA and citric acid affect the release of different growth factors from the dentin matrix?
Dilek Hançerlioğulları, Ali Türkyılmaz, Ali Erdemir
doi: 10.14744/TEJ.2023.85570  Pages 43 - 48

2.Dentists’ awareness and clinical implications of minimally invasive endodontics: A survey study
Elif Çiftçioğlu, Rezan Sungur Güzel, Ceren Cebeci, Çağla Gülhan, Enver Sedat Küçükay
doi: 10.14744/TEJ.2023.29290  Pages 49 - 56

3.YouTube as an information and education source for use of mineral trioxide aggregate in endodontics: Quality and content analysis
Dilek Hançerlioğulları, Ali Türkyılmaz, Sevda Dürüst Barış, Ali Erdemir
doi: 10.14744/TEJ.2023.30602  Pages 57 - 61

4.The effect of different retreatment systems and root canal sealers on the fracture resistance of endodontically retreated samples: A laboratory study
Nevran Derinler, Burcu Ateş, Berfu Polat, Deniz Bender, Emel Uzunoğlu Özyürek
doi: 10.14744/TEJ.2023.50479  Pages 62 - 68

5.An in vitro evaluation of the effect of intracoronal bleaching in teeth discolored by triple-antibiotic paste
Gülşah Yenier Yurdagüven
doi: 10.14744/TEJ.2023.96268  Pages 69 - 76

6.Research trends on bioceramics in endodontics: A bibliometric analysis from 2001 to 2020
Sıla Nur Usta, Pilar Valderrama-Baca, Maria Teresa Arias-Moliz
doi: 10.14744/TEJ.2023.53825  Pages 77 - 86

7.Research trends regarding chemomechanical preparation and obturation of root canals in the Science Citation Indexed Endodontics Journals: Bibliometric analysis of 2001–2005 and 2016–2020
Nilay Ezentaş, Emel Uzunoğlu Özyürek
doi: 10.14744/TEJ.2023.72473  Pages 87 - 96

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