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Turkish Endodontic Journal (TEJ) is a scientific, double-blind peer-reviewed, online, open access and official academic journal of Turkish Endodontic Society (E-ISSN 2459-17269). The journal publishes the content in English, and article evaluation and publishing processes are free of charge. The journal is published three times annually (May, August and December). Conferences and abstracts presented in the biennial International Congress of the Turkish Endodontic Society are also published as a special issue.

Turkish Endodontic Journal (TEJ) - Turk Endod J: 8 (3)
Volume: 8  Issue: 3 - 2023
1.Investigation of the effect of boric acid in different concentrations on dentin microhardness
Gözde Kotan, Melike Özbek, Betül Aycan Alim Uysal, Gamze Nalcı
doi: 10.14744/TEJ.2023.20982  Pages 97 - 101

2.Alterations in isolation, infection control, and personal protective equipment during the transition from pandemic to endemic in endodontic practice: A cross-sectional study
Sena Kaşıkçı, Sena Kolunsağ Özbek
doi: 10.14744/TEJ.2023.86658  Pages 102 - 109

3.Topographic analysis of HyFlex EDM Glide Path, ProGlider, TruNatomy Glider, and WaveOne Gold Glider after micro-glide path preparation in simulated root canals with single curvature
Olcay Özdemir, Sibel Koçak, Ecehan Hazar, Baran Can Sağlam, Mustafa Murat Koçak
doi: 10.14744/TEJ.2023.62534  Pages 110 - 115

4.Apical foramen position in relation to proximal root surfaces of the premolar teeth in Kurdistan region of Iraq: A retrospective CBCT assessment
Maysaloon Shaman Saeed
doi: 10.14744/TEJ.2023.63825  Pages 116 - 122

5.Do age and sex factors affect dentin thickness of mandibular incisors?
Öznur Sarıyılmaz, Rüya Sessiz
doi: 10.14744/TEJ.2023.25349  Pages 123 - 128

6.Evaluation of the use of cone-beam computed tomography by endodontic practitioners in Türkiye
Cemre Koç, Mete Üngör, Ayşe Taş
doi: 10.14744/TEJ.2023.39358  Pages 129 - 136

7.A cross-sectional study of the periapical status of teeth and quality of root canal treatment in a selected population of young Turkish and foreigners living in Türkiye
Simay Koç, Dide Tekinarslan, Kürşat Er
doi: 10.14744/TEJ.2023.87609  Pages 137 - 142

8.Canal transportation and instrumentation time efficacy of pediatric rotary files with or without glide path
Hakan Özdoğru, Gül Keskin
doi: 10.14744/TEJ.2023.15238  Pages 143 - 150

9.Assessment of apical patency maintenance and its influence on post-endodontic pain of root canal treated teeth: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Nidhi Shah, Abhinav Singh, Abhishek Purohit, Prateek Shakti
doi: 10.14744/TEJ.2023.18291  Pages 151 - 158

10.Pelargonium sidoides: A possible preventive role in the development of endodontic flare-up
Meltem Küçük, Umut Aksoy, Ahmet Özer Şehirli
doi: 10.14744/TEJ.2023.59389  Pages 159 - 166

11.Multiple pulp necroses in a patient with heterozygous sickle cell disease: A case report
Wendpoulomdé Aimé Désiré Kaboré, Stéphane Xavier Djolé, Kouadio Florent Kouakou, Anta Seck, Marie Chantal Avoaka-Boni, Yolande Gnagne-Koffi
doi: 10.14744/TEJ.2023.14632  Pages 167 - 171

12.Microsurgical apicoectomy with retro filling in a patient with extensive periapical lesion in maxilla - A case report
Justyna Klepacz- Szewczyk, Katarzyna Fabjanska
doi: 10.14744/TEJ.2023.74745  Pages 172 - 179

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