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Turkish Endodontic Journal (TEJ) is a scientific, double-blind peer-reviewed, online, open access and official academic journal of Turkish Endodontic Society (E-ISSN 2459-17269). The journal publishes the content in English, and article evaluation and publishing processes are free of charge. The journal is published three times annually (May, August and December). Conferences and abstracts presented in the biennial International Congress of the Turkish Endodontic Society are also published as a special issue.

Turkish Endodontic Journal (TEJ) - Turk Endod J: 6 (3)
Volume: 6  Issue: 3 - 2021
1.Cyclic fatigue resistance of WaveOne Gold Glider and TruNatomy Glider glide path instruments in double curvature canals
Damla Kırıcı, Öznur Güçlüer
doi: 10.14744/TEJ.2021.21931  Pages 67 - 70

2.Comparing the cyclic fatigue resistances of Reciproc Blue and Rotate instruments in simulated severe apical curvature
Özgür Soysal Özdemir, Defne Toplu
doi: 10.14744/TEJ.2021.33042  Pages 71 - 75

3.Static cyclic fatigue resistance evaluation of Neoniti rotary files at different insertion angles
Afzal Ali, Nihat Umut Gözen, Abdurrahman Kerim Kul, Aasima Ishaq, Vivek Vadera
doi: 10.14744/TEJ.2021.48030  Pages 76 - 79

4.Evaluating the apically extruded debris and irrigants in different nickel–titanium instrumentation and irrigation techniques
Bülent Yılmaz, Enver Sedat Küçükay
doi: 10.14744/TEJ.2021.05025  Pages 80 - 86

5.Determining the mental foramen location in a Turkish population: A cone beam computed tomography study
Sadullah Kaya, Gizem Akın Tartuk, Mehmet Eskibağlar, Merve Yeniçeri Özata, Seda Falakaloglu
doi: 10.14744/TEJ.2021.08208  Pages 87 - 91

6.Aesthetic rehabilitation of complicated crown fractures in single visit: Case series
Yağmur Kılıç, Emrah Karataslioglu, Birkan Tatar, Onur Şahin, Mert Tulgar
doi: 10.14744/TEJ.2021.69775  Pages 92 - 96

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