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Aim and Scope | Turkish Endodontic Journal


Turkish Endodontic Journal (TEJ) is owned by the Turkish Endodontic Society and published three times a year in April, August and December. The journal aims to provide the highest standard of data to literature to promote education, research and practice in endodontic dentistry worldwide.


The authors are invited to submit original research articles, case reports, reviews, editorial letters within all aspects of endodontics, including education, practice and research. All responsibility for the ethical and scientific content in an article published in the TEJ belongs to the authors. The journal provides current concepts, trends, cutting-edge technology and information with the latest advances in endodontics.  Endodontists, other specialists and general dentists can learn and track the latest update within the rapid changes in the endodontic field.
The journal covers the following topics;

  • Endodontic procedures
  • Endodontic materials, instruments and devices
  • Endodontic microbiology
  • Endodontic biology and pathobiology
  • Endodontic infections and diseases
  • Pediatric endodontics
  • Geriatric endodontics
  • Digital endodontics
  • Surgical and nonsurgical endodontic treatments
  • Dental anomalies
  • Dental trauma
  • Endodontic records and legal approaches
  • Endodontic training
  • Endodontic and other discipline interrelationships
  • Regenerative endodontics

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