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Ahead of Print - Turkish Endodontic Journal (TEJ)

Ahead of Print

1.'Glide path' in endodontics
Özlem Sivas Yilmaz
doi: 10.14744/TEJ.2021.02996  Page 0

2.Delayed reimplantation of an avulsed central incisor: a 12-year follow-up
Hatice Büyüközer Özkan, Nezahat Arzu Kayar
doi: 10.14744/TEJ.2021.06078  Page 0

3.Endodontic emergencies at the Yalgado Ouedraogo University Hospital Center: prevalence, epidemiological and therapeutic aspects
Wendpoulomdé Aimé Désiré Kaboré, Diouma Ndiaye, Seydina Ousmane Niang, Anta Seck, Marie Chantal Avoaka-Boni, Khaly Bane
doi: 10.14744/TEJ.2021.68552  Page 0

4.Evaluation of post-obturation pain in single-visit endodontic treatment after pre-medication with oral anti-inflammatory and antibiotics. An in-vivo study
Ipsita Pathak, Praveen Singh Samant, Raju Chauhan
doi: 10.14744/TEJ.2021.42714  Page 0

5.Occurrence and antimicrobial susceptibility of Leuconostoc, an emergent pathogenic associated with acute endodontic infections
Wendpoulomdé Aimé Désiré Kaboré, Simavé René Dembélé, Nicolas Barro
doi: 10.14744/TEJ.2021.29591  Page 0

6.The effect of XP-endo Finisher and XP-endo Finisher R supplementary files on apical debris extrusion during retreatment
Sevinç Aktemur Türker, Sena Kaşıkçı
doi: 10.14744/TEJ.2021.95967  Page 0

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